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The key to relaxing and truly enjoying The Residence Club at Giants Ridge is the personal and professional service provided by the Club's Resident Concierge. With one call, groceries can be ordered for your stay and delivered to your home in advance of your arrival. Tee times can be effortlessly set. Dinner reservations can be made and spa treatments arranged. You name it (within reason, of course!) and the Concierge can handle it.

When you arrive at Giants Ridge, your home is spotless, everything is in working order, the yard is maintained and, in winter, the drive is plowed and the walk shoveled. Should you want additional housekeeping services during your stay, the housekeeping staff is available. If something does break or malfunction (and we all know that can happen), the maintenance staff is just a phone call away. And, when you're ready to leave, just lock the door behind you, drop off the keys (and the garage door opener), ask the Concierge to store those items you wish to leave at The Club and head for home. Your entire stay, from start to finish, is effortless. It truly is vacation time!

If you need to stay in touch with your office, family or friends, every home has a communication center with computer, printer and wireless internet access, just to make sure that, even though you are "up at the lake", you're never out of touch.

As you can see, your new home in the woods is designed for effortless vacations. A place for you to be pampered and carefree. A place where you'll find it easy to make lasting memories.